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A professional, well-designed Web site can lead to improved artist's exposure and result in opportunity to sell artwork or exhibit in prestigious venues. It inspires trust among the visitors, providing the artist with the advantage they need on the Internet.

Adora Graphics tailors artist's Web site design according to their specific needs, reflecting individual creative spirit.

We produce beautiful, readable layouts with carefully chosen fonts and colours. We combine esthetics with search engine requirements, such as text indexing and meta tags, as well as compatibility with different browsers.


"After I've had my Web site designed by Adora Graphics, people from different countries begin to invite me to show my work there, especially after they saw my work in Paris. I want to thank you for that." - Rita Choy-Ng

"Joanna, originally I wanted the website that I didn't have to apologize for!!!! It looks super! All pages are absolutely super!!!!!!!! It's really a "me" - you've just captured it!!!!!!" - Kai-Liis McInnes

"My website has been designed and is maintained by Joanna Turlej, owner of Adora Graphics and its the best thing I've ever done for promoting my artwork in a fully professional way. She is a trained artist herself and an elected member of the Colour and Form Society so she has an understanding of the artistic point of view. Not only that, but she has become a specialist in designing artists' websites in a twenty year career of owning her own Graphic/Web site design company. She delivers exactly what she promises. She has high standards and one can rely on her ideas and suggestions in the complete confidence that she knows the marketplace. I most definitely recommend her and I do, frequently. I've had some bad experiences and wasted my money with other Web site designers, especially when it comes to the all important long term maintence of a Web site. Its very reassuring to know Adora Graphics can be relied on as a completely professional company, all the way" - Eileen Menzel

Fine Artist's Web sites

Elizabeth Elliott

Elizabeth Myles Elliott

Elizabeth Myles Elliott is an award winning artist. She is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, Visual Arts of Ontario, Arts Etobicoke, Art Gallery of Mississauga and Art Gallery of Ontario among others.

Eileen Menzel

Eileen Menzel, mixed media artist

Eileen draws subject matter from the emotional ties of her personal life, from reading and from the news. The settings are often atmospheric landscapes.

Rita Choy-Ng

Rita Choy-Ng

Rita Choy-Ng is an international artist. Her work has been shown in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, U.S.A., Canada, France, Austria and Germany.

Kai-Liis McInnes

Kai-Liis McInnes

Kai-Liis McInnes has won numerous awards, and has been included in exhibitions in Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, and her native Estonia.

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